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  • Suqian Ekoo Hardware Products Co.,Ltd.own their factoty.Suqian Ekoo Hardware Products Co.,Ltd. is located in Suqian City,Jiangsu Province China 223600Factory Name is Xinghua City Ekoo Hardware Factory which is located in Dainan Town,Xinghua City,Jiangsu Province,China 225721

  • our most of spigots are NO NEED drilled holes on glass panel,they are using a friction system,a few types of spigots are need drilled holes on glass panel.

  • All our product process follows up ISO9001: income quality checking, in process quality checking, final product quality checking. The strict implementation of ISO9001 assures to provide error – free products to our customers.

  • our products are made of stainless steel 304/316/316L & Duplex 2205.our products can be satin or mirror polished,also can be made coating powder.

  • Glass is fast becoming the most popular choice for those who really care whether their pool fence not only works effectively, but looks nice too. It’s always been attractive, but technological advances mean that glass is now an affordably viable option for pool owners who want a clean,clear, luxurious look. But how do you keep it ‘clean’ and ‘clear’? You’ll be surprised how easy it is to clean you...

  • our latch are all installed on glass gate,not wooden or metal gate,thanks!

  • Offering the highest quality is a fundamental part of EKOO’scorporate philosophy. That’s why we offer customers a voluntary quality guarantee of five years on our hardware products.

  • No, we do both wholesale and retail.